NsGene develops novel biological products

Chronic neurological diseases seriously impair the quality of life and have significant emotional impact on millions of patients and their families. NsGene develops novel biological products to treat severe neurological diseases with the aim to improve the lives of patients.


NsGene has developed an innovative technology platform to target biological therapeutics directly to the central nervous system (CNS)

Treating diseases such as AD and PD with proteins requires that the therapeutic reaches the brain in sufficient quantities without causing side effects. This has not been easy as the brain is naturally well protected by the blood-brain-barrier which prevents entry of protein therapeutics. 

A new platform that safely administers protein and antibody therapeutics directly to the CNS, and to specific targets within the brain, would be an exceptional advancement and would provide product opportunities to treat a wide range of neurological diseases. NsGene has developed just such a platform: namely a highly innovative and clinically validated Brain Repair technology for targeted delivery of therapeutics to the CNS for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders.  

The “Brain Repair Platform” is inserted behind the blood brain barrier and effectively delivers therapeutics directly to the central nervous system via genetically engineered cells contained within the device. The platform is free standing with no pumps or portions external to the brain. Safety, tolerability, and therapeutic effects have been demonstrated in clinical development for AD and preclinical development for PD.  



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